Conferences and live summits are great for learning…

But add up travel time (and energy), entrance fees, and time not working – and you can probably only swing one or two a year. 

Virtual marketing summits fill in the learning gap oh so neatly: You learn. Sometimes you can even network. And you don’t have to leave your office for either. 


finding the best virtual summits isn’t as easy as it sounds… 

We’re virtual summit junkies and we’ve struggled to find ‘em. A lot. 

Online info online is scarce. It doesn’t help that Googling “digital marketing conferences” pulls up both virtual conferences and in-person conferences. Or that most online conferences are promoted to the host’s email list only. 

To attend you either have to already be on the host’s list… or stumble upon the right retweet… which typically happens once the event is underway. So much for calendar control.  

But what if you could plan your summit attendance in advance? Just like you would for an IRL conference? 

What if you could block off time in our calendar to actually listen – and not just register – to these fresh, expert talks? 

Seemed like a smarter way of doing things – and something we want to do ourselves.  

So we made this: a list of the best recurring summits for SaaS marketers. 

This list is by no means exhaustive (remember: finding them is near impossible. We basically searched our inboxes for old invites.) – so if you’ve got a favorite, comment below and we’ll add it in. 

Here’s to conscious learning 😉

Boundless 2020

What it is: The conference that will help you win at all parts of the customer funnel, with live keynotes focusing on creating an excellent customer experience at every stage of the funnel.

Who’s speaking: Speaker lineup includes Rob Siefker, Sr. Director of Customer Service at Zappos; Sujan Patel the GM & Co-Founder of Web Profits and Managing Director of Ramp Ventures; and Patrick Campbell, the Founder & CEO of ProfitWell

Who should attend: Sales, marketing, customer success, and customer success professionals

Who it’s by: Nutshell

How often do they run the summit? Annually

What does it cost: It’s free. And you can attend it from anywhere. 

SaaS Breakthrough

What it is: The conference where SaaS marketing leaders talk about what’s working and what’s not in SaaS marketing

Who’s speaking: Past speakers included Shay Howe, VP of Marketing at Active Campaign; Kristen Bryant, Partnerships and Production lead @Wistia; and Dan Murphy, Director of Product Marketing @ Drift. 

Who should attend:  Anyone living and working in the SaaS world – or anyone hoping to forge a career there

Who it’s by: Demio

How often do they run the summit? Demio ran this summit for the first time in 2019 so we’re hoping it comes back in 2020 😉 

When is it: Last year, it was in December

What does it cost: It’s free. And you can attend it from anywhere. 

The GrowthMentor Summit

What it is: A virtual summit for growth marketers, where some of the biggest names share actionable advice and growth tactics

Who’s speaking: Past speakers have included Aazar Ali Shad, the Head of Growth at Userpilot; Chetana Deorah, Design Director at Netflix; and Liliana Oritz, Performance Marketing at Typeform. 

Who should attend: Anyone in the growth marketing space

Who it’s by: Growthmentor

How often do they run the summit? Annually 

When is it: October

What does it cost: Free. And you can attend it from anywhere. 

Product-Led Summit 

What it is: This is The Summit for product-led marketers → or those interested in becoming more product-led. Talks tend to be highly focused and actionable. 

Who’s speaking: Past speakers have included Blake Bartlett, Partner at OpenView; Eric Keating, VP Marketing at Appecues; and yours truly 😀 

Who should attend: Anyone running a product-led activation model, or looking to transition into a product-led activation model.

Who it’s by: Product-Led Institute 

How often do they run the summit? It’s bi-annual

When is it: Usually once at the beginning of the year, and once in the summer

What does it cost: It’s free. And you can attend it from anywhere.

Global Marketing Day

What it is: Hosted by SEMRUSH, this digital conference covers all time zones, and streams from 4 different cities over a 24 hour period. Talks covered key topics like standing out through content marketing, SEO optimization and culture-shifts in digital marketing. 

Who’s speaking/spoke: 2019 speakers include keynotes by Neha Bansal, Product Manager at Google; Michael Briggs, Head of Acquisition at Canva; and Melissa Matlins, VP of Marketing at Vimeo. 

Who should attend: This conference is for in-house marketers, CMOs and sharp digital marketers who want to stay ahead of the trends

Who it’s by: SEMRUSH

How often do they run the summit? Looks like a yearly conference

When is it: October

What does it cost: We’re not sure. But it might be free. 

Drift: Multiple 1 and multi-day marketing summits

What it is: A whole host of summits on different SaaS and/or marketing topics

Who’s speaking: This varies from event to event – past speakers included Heidi Bullock, the CMO of Engagio; Randy Frisch, the CMO of Uberflip; and Kat Kennedy, the CXO of Degreed. 

Who should attend: Digital marketers and entrepreneurs looking for fresh ideas → just studying Drift’s marketing can be enough to spark some ideas. Not to mention the A-list speakers the team brings on.

Who it’s by: Drift

How often do they run the summit? Quarterly (or so) 

When is it: Every so often… at Drift’s whim

What does it cost: Free. And you can attend from anywhere. 

Digimarcon World

What it is: The largest digital marketing event in the world. Pretty slick, eh? 

Who’s speaking: Previous speakers have included Ashley Faus, Senior Manager for Integrated Media at Atlassian; Rand Fishkin, founder of SparkToro; and David Fallarme, Head of Marketing, Asia at HubSpot. 

Who should attend: Innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who operates in the digital community will attend to learn and leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing.

(Whew, that’s quite an exhaustive list, DigiMarCon) 

Who it’s by: DigiMarCon

How often do they run the summit? Annually

When is it: November 17 – 19, 2020

What does it cost: Super early bird tickets start at $197… then rise to $247… and finally settle at $297. Wait! You can also buy a late ticket for $347.

What else is out there?

This is our starter list. 

Because there has to be more virtual SaaS marketing summits out there. 

More exciting conferences that we attend without heading off for London or Boston or San Francisco. (Even if those ones have food trucks and free T-shirts.) 

That’s why we’ll keep adding to this list. 

And – if you know of any hidden gems out there – let us know in the comments.