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Between us, we write a lot of emails. For some of the biggest SaaS brands around. 

Sophia Dagnon 

  • Conversion Copywriter and Strategist | GetUplift
  • Conversion Copywriter | Copyhackers 

Nikki Elbaz  

  • Email Copywriting Specialist | Copyhackers Agency
  • Email Strategist and Copywriter | NikkiElbaz.com  

"In a single cold email to me, Nikki not only got me to open the email, hooked me from the first sentence and kept me reading throughout – but she also sold me in that very email on a $12,000 engagement to write emails I hadn’t even thought I’d needed prior to her cold email.  

If she can get a skeptical veteran copywriter – who knows all the tricks – to pony up five figures with a single cold email, imagine how her emails could sell less expensive products and services to people who are actually warm leads."

Joanna Wiebe, Founder, Copyhackers + Copyhackers Agency

"It’s incredibly rare to find someone that’s able to see 5 steps ahead, is hands-on with everything she does and is super talented. Sophia is that kind of person.

Sophia consistently helps GetUplift’s clients with everything they need to increase their conversions, think strategically and execute on the highest level possible. Sophia is a RARE find because she simply gets it, she understand what you need, and takes it to the next level."

Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer, GetUplift

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